Meet the Crew


Bboy Psycho

Anthony aka Bboy Psycho has been performing worldwide for over 22 years. Originally from Los Angeles, CA he got his start breakdancing and joined the world-famous Air Force Crew. Soon after he began travelling the world touring with dance productions and Rap Artists like Kurtis Blow. He has since settled down in Houston, TX to focus on family and running multiple local business with his wife, Roxana,



Julio aka Powermonster has been dancing for almost a decade. He is 23 years old and recently graduated from UH with a Physics degree and plans to pursue a masters. He is a breakdancer with strong power moves that allow him to fly in the air when he is doing air flares and windmills.


Bgirl Michi

Michiko aka Bgirl Michi is our youngest member and our female force of nature! Not only is she a breakdancer but she has a long history as a professional gymnast with a specialty in trampoline and acrobatics. She adds a unique flare to the crew with her amazing flips and cheery demeanor.


Bboy Roach

Joseph aka Bboy Roach is a 22 year old Cuban American from Bellaire, TX. A big advocate of personal development and finding one’s purpose in life, Joseph has found breakin to be the ultimate form of self-expression for himself and uses it to teach others everything behind the moves, the movement, and the meaning behind it all. He has been dancing for 9 years and wants to dance as long as possible, teaching others and adding to people’s lives through dance along the way.




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